Powersliding on the street...now that was fun


So after a day of working on my bike, getting it back together after wiring up the X50 passport I went for a ride. I was in a bit of a mood and needed to push a bit on tonights ride.

The area is about 30 miles of corner heaven in the country behind my home. It has it all, high speed, low speed, hills, dips, long straights, it is the bald peak run in Hillsboro, Oregon. Tonight while riding quickly around a 30 mph corner leaned over as far as stock tires will go and on the gas I left a nice dark rubber strip around half the corner. Now I have done that before but the first time on the Busa.

The feeling is hard to describe other than pure bliss. The power was smooth, I could feel the back end sliding out gently as I applied the power. After the corner I went back to check out my handy work! It was a great ride for 2006 Busa and I just turned 3000 miles.

Oh and watch for deer, I had a nice doe run out in front of me around a corner.

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It's all nice until you're drifting (aka powersliding) and the tire suddenly hooks up. Did it to me once, and almost tossed my off the bike. Leave that for the track. You won't have any trees to hit if it does a "grab and toss".
As long as you stay consistent with the power or even accelerate a little bit, it will never hook. It only hooks if you have a slight dip in the throttle or decelerate. Plus the contact patch when leaned over is much smaller that in the middle of the tire and doesn't really have the traction like it does when straight up, if not, you could power slide much easier when going straight.
Nice----I have been trying abit too-- laid down some nice Darkies at my one and only track day they said... Bliss is the right word--- and super smooth throttle up.. Yea
Haven't done it... yet.
I have a feeling I might at the bash though. Maybe even get my knee drag on at the dragon.
Had to be fun, but definitely watch out for those deer!