Powerhouse now has 19 and 20 tooth countersprockets in stock


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POWERHOUSE is now stocking 19 tooth countersprockets for Gen 2s with stock output shafts, and 20 tooth countersprockets for Busas with heavy duty output shafts, both Gen 1 and 2. We have other sizes, as well. These new countersprockets are PBI steel sprockets, which we will be selling for $29.95 each . . .:laugh:
I might jump up to a 20.. You have a 19 on my bike now.. Ill see how it feel's with that and go from there.. I still have to get a speedo healer
Hi Frank, how much are your gen1 HD output shafts?
I'm in the process of rebuilding a gen 1 stage 1 turbo .
I have been using the bike for street,drag racing and LS racing.
I'm looking at going air to water intercooling at some point
I need pistons as well ,what would you recommend?and can you supply?
It has JE pistons at present
Cheers Shane


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Robinson HD output shafts for both Gens are $365. Aircraft quality steel, double tempered, 30 mm spline. Sprocket and custom collar are included. As far as pistons are concerned, I would recommend Wossner above CP or JE. Wossners are moly coated, gas ported, balanced and come with tool steel wrist pins right out of the box. Retail for $640, we sell them for $570 set. They are in stock. We carry gaskets, studs, valve springs, etc, anything you might need. Just ask. BTW, when and if you take those JEs out of that bike, take a look at the underside of each piston and see if there are any cracks on the wrist pin bosses . . . .

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