Powerhouse Again


Synced throttle bodies can cause uneven idle and dangerous (for me) idle when going around a turn in low rpm. I had the problem and even my more knowledgable friends on the forum couldn't help me determine what the problem was. Frank, fortunately, knew right away when I told him and when I brought it in he had it running smoothly as a sewing machine in less than a couple of hours and he charged me a very decent price as he often does. Thanks Frank. Few people have your kind of knowlege, skill, and fair business practises.
What I meant to say was throttle bodies that are out of synch can cause problems.

I was just about to slam you Nic. Something like... "So what you are saying is we should all run out to the garage and UN-SYNC our TB's". :laugh:

RSD, Your name was at the top of the list as I thought of who might hammer me for my goof. Too bad if I had caught it sooner (within 15 minutes) I could have just edited it out. Thanks for thinking of me. Nic