PowerCommander IIIr

POPO 749

One more question along with the windscreen my K&N filter also arrived, will I need to install a PCIIIr or can I run without doing any harm. I have a slip-on (Kerker) at this time.
I wouldn't install the air cleaner until you do a full exhaust system. Not much to be had with slip ons and a powercommander. Kind of like putting a match grade(competition) trigger on a cheap gun. The trigger is noticably better without improving the performance of the rifle's accuracy. Biggest gains will be noticed with air cleaner, full exhaust system and eventually a powercommander or equivalent. When your looking for More, try not to get the cart in front of the horse........... Its hard because we all love to go fast. Take your time and add components one at a time, tuning, adjusting each seperate! Will save a ton of heartache in the end.....................
i have k&n air filter,full yoshimura exhaust system,power pack... my gun makes 5. gear end 315km/h  and 6.th is teh orgazm...

If you have full exhaust ssytem.. you must TUNING your orginal chip.. TUNING the air and injections... if you dont.. it will eat alot of fuel and down RPMs are 1.000 to 4.000 rpm very bad..
Id install a PCIIIusb for the sake of the aftermarket pipe, not so much the K&N...but since you got it....do it for both. Despite what the "experts" on here say, the busa benefits GREATLY from a powercommander with slip ons, especially aggressive ones. Picked up 5 hp with a PAIR mod, PCIIIusb and D and D slip ons with a SMOOTH power curve. All the fuel surges and rich spots are GONE. If your just looking for an aggressive sound but want to maintain low rev ridability, this is the way to go. Also contradictory to what all the "experts" say here, ive heard from VERY reputable tuners that full systems without other engines mods are more of a waste than slip-ons, in terms of $dollars spent per HP gained. Good to know if your pretty sure youll never do any internal mods in the future.
What color D&D slip-ons did you go with, DarkerThanNight?
Ive got the polished stainless steel. I was hoping to go with the black cans but unfortunately, suzuki saw fit to change the intermediate pipe color from black to chrome for 02, which sucks because the black 02 SE model with a black intermediate and black cans would look killer.....but the stainless does look good against the black and is MUCH easier to maintain than aluminum....im very happy with the look and sound