Powerball Winner


Dis in my way!
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Is the winner of the United States largest powerball a member of Hayabusa.org? If so then for a small fee I will give you your own custom title and I will create a new avatar for you.

Captain (crossing fingers)
I didn't see any photos on the Member's Map in the state of West Virginia. He may be a Busa owner soon, though.
Now I'm sick.

Not only is the winner of powerball an older gentleman (sorry guys, give us youngn's a jackpot once in a while) ,
But he is already a friggin Millionaire.

I think new rule is in order. You already have to take care of any Tax issues up front including paying the IRS if you previously owe them,
But how about no damn Millionaires being able to win? JEEZ!!
They had the whole family (him, wife, & GRAND DAUGHTER! ) on Fox news this morning for a few minutes...   they were a very religious couple so atleast some good will come of the  money. Instead of just wasting it all and going bankrupt in ten years (what I would have done! )

The good news for us sexy folks with killer bikes.. is that he has a granddaughter.. who is blonde.. and while they didn't do much of a close up.. she looked pretty hot... and besides...

You can slap a 111million dollars to Aunt Bea's (andy griffith Duh! ) ass and she looks like Carmen Elecktra to me.