Power Switch

Sorry for the total newbie question, but I am looking for a little guidance on what or rather when to use this function.

I pick my bike up tomorrow and can't seem to find much info on this topic.

I know the bike starts in A, full power and I believe you change to C for wet weather. What is B for? Do you need to use this function at all?

Cheers for any help.:beerchug:
Your handbook will explain all. I use C in the wet and when I have a pillion as it slows throttle response for smoother 2 up, start-stop riding. Rarely use B but it can be useful for tight twisties. Good in the Highlands I should think!
Enjoy your bike, hope it stays dry for you when you collect it.


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Thanks for the replies.

Just wanted to check it out before I get it. I ain't going to sit in the dealers reading the handbook :lol:
You should just to mess with the salesman, "how do I start this thing?" :laugh:

I have only ridden one 08, and you will feel a difference in A mode vrs C mode, but I couldnt tell much of a diff with B mode.
I thought I might use mine when I first bought it but never did. The Busa's power is pretty easy to manage. Might be good for a new rider when wet.

I tried B and C modes once each to see what they were like. Right now I'm trying to figure out what else I can wire my mode switch to do.
My local dealer always has a pre-delivery routine they go through and they let you know what every function on the bike is and how it operates this may take 15 -20 mins but it is very informative :thumbsup: Best to try all the modes so you get the feel for them then you will know when is best for you to use them as every rider has their own riding comfort and style ... enjoy your new Ride.:beerchug::thumbsup:
Mine stays in A mode. Just learn how to use the throttle and don't get to happy with it and you'll be fine. Personally, I think you should learn how to adjust the power rather than use a devise to do it for you. That is only my opinion. Be carefull and happy riding.
Got the bike today and stayed in A :rofl:

Man are these bikers hot though, I don't mean cool hot, which they are, I mean really warm, thought I was touring Africa with heat coming off the bike, me legs were roasting :lol:


Don't own one, but I gigured C mode might be good for group touring? Save gas in town etc? Rest of group is ahead of you and you're not breaking 70~mph...

Other than the wet I can't think of another use for C. B mode I'm really lost on.

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