Power loss


Hey all-

So my bike tipped over in the parking lot last week when I was forced to stop abruptly mid-turn while exiting my parking space by a speeding pickup.

Some minor cosmetic scuffing, nothng too major- but the real problem is that the bike hasn't got the same explosive power it had before. It feels like it's always on the "B" setting, and lacks that incredible power rush that I've come to expect from it in any gear and at almost any rpm.

I changed the oil, ran some fuel injector treatment thru it, and just changed out the spark plugs this afternoon. Sadly, it still hasn't regained it's punch.

Anyone have any clue as to what my problem might be? I'm really in a corner here, as I can't afford an expensive trip to the dealership for a full diagnostic at the moment.

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do you have any other information? it seems like there are a lot of variables. did it fall over on the chain side or the other side? i would check wheels and drive train

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