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I was just wondering how much of a power differece there was in the 750GSXR and the 1000. I've riden the 600 and the 1000 but never the 750. My wife wants the 750 when we can get her another bike so that's why I'm asking. Thanks.


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I have riden both extensively. Both have their place but absolutely nothing can take the place of the 1000. The GSXR1000 is an awsome machine that will put a smile on your face you won't be able to get rid of :cheerleader:


The 750 has more power than most sane people really need, easily does 3erd gear power wheelies. Mine was an 05 and one of the sweetest bikes you could want to ride or own.
Cannot really compare the power between the Busa and the Gixxer as they are very different animals.


My 03 did 145 at the wheel and 179 on spray at the wheel. Like niso said, its more power on the street then most will ever need. I'm on the short / light end of the human scale so its worked out that the power to weight its perfect. Depends on what you are looking for but the 750 rewards you when you get things right and isn't as likely to punish you when you get heavy with the right hand. All in a package just several pounds heavier then a 600 with 30+hp more punch.

When I was drag racing I beat most of the liter bikes I raced. Mostly due to power to weight and how easy the power was to use. If I was told to buy one or the other tomorrow to replace mine I would have a hard time. But honestly I think being down a few hp and a fair bit of tq is in the best interest of the 750. O and 29k on the clock and its has NEVER failed to get me home safely. Including one rock in the radiator, another limping ride home with a toasted motor (spray on map was too lean) and one 40+mph low-side. I have never read an article about the 750 that was negative at all.


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i have an 01 and all i can say is that it keeps up pretty well with a busa concsidering its almost half the displacment


Thanks everyone, I do think we will give the 750 a try when we can afford it. Dam, I , uh, She want's it now. Thank you'all again.

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