Power Commander


Hey i just saw a new power commander 3 for sale. The add was for a suzuki 600 and 1000. My is question is will it work for a 2k1 busa. I was thinking that a power commander was interchangable between bikes as long as you up;oaded the data for your specific bike???

whats the deal
I don't think it will work. I know it does have a different model number. The only thing I can think of is to call DYNOJET 1-800-992-4993 they are in North Las Vagas, NV
Or you can try their web site
Well, it does work.

I've gotta 2k2 silver busa and got a pcIIIr. No probs using standard mapping. Now I made a few modifications (K&N, Iridium spark plugs and Shark bolt-on exaust) and now I'm heading for Holland Dynojet Center to get an individual mapping for my bike.