Power commander

If you want to set just the ranges manually, with the ignition off or in non-running position, hold down all three buttons on the Power Commander module. With the buttons still pressed, turn the ignition on and in running position. Let go and set each range by pressing the buttons. Hold to make leaner tap to make richer (or the other way, don't remember).

If you want to change the maps, you will need a serial cable and will need to connect it to your computer with Power Commander software running (download from Dynojet.com). The Power Commander will need to be powered in the process, so either make sure you have a computer near the bike or you have a power converter (I can give instructions on how to make one if you need... basically it's just a 9-volt and two serial connectors back-to-back with power to pins 1 and 5).

Make sure to set the computer's port settings in your bios and in Windows, otherwise it won't be able to communicate with the Power Commander.