Power Commander Benefits?


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Hey guys, so up until recently my rough understanding of the power commander was it replaces the ECU, and is mainly for different maps that accomodate exhaust mods amongst others to make your run at full effeciency and produce the most power.

However I have read that it improves a stock bike as well? My bike only has a slip on exhaust, otherwise the drivetrain (right term for bikes?) is stock. Would I benefit from one? If so how?

Tried searching, just find a bunch of things about loading different maps.

Enlighten me please :bowdown:
A power commander does not replace the ECU. It is placed in-line with the factory ECU and does one of two things.
1) Early models (PCII and down) change the values of the sensors input to trick the ECU into changing the output.
2) Later models (PCIII and up) take the ECU output and actually control the injectors.

It allows a custom “map” to be configured to tune the bike to the desired application.

Suzuki has to tune the bike to conform to EPA standards for emissions. This means the tune may not be the best performance in some rpm ranges. Also the tune and bike is mass produced and each bike is a bit different, but they all roll out with the same tune.

Will it help your stock bike? Likely, yes if you have a 99-07 US spec bike which is an open loop system. But there are some costs involved. The PC, dyno time etc. Not a lot of value for bucks spent. Now you might get a generic map for your bike that may be better than a stock tune. So it is a cost vs benefit deal. You have to decide.

Gen II bikes have a closed loop system using an O2 sensor so there is not as much of a benefit.

Another is if you plan on more mods down the road which will require a PC, you can always start with a pc and reprogram later when you make more changes.

And then there is the flashing the ECU option on 02-07 ECUs …..