Power Comander V on 2006 Hayabusa won't start


I put a power commander III on my bike in the past and didn't map it correctly. The bike would crank but would only stay running if I held the throttle open. I've switched to a PCV and now the bike wont start (no longer have the PC3). It turns over but, only backfires instead of starting. I then smell fuel as if it's flooding. I have Yoshimura bolt on exhaust pipes so I'm running the map M20-023-005 (Yoshimura Bolt, Stock Air filter). What could be causing the bike to backfire like this and keep it from starting? Any recommendations?


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I'm assuming that you've confirmed that the bike runs fine without the PCV attached?

If so, double check the connections to the fuel rail and the individual injectors as well as the connector to the PCV and the rest of the harness. Also, make sure you attached the ground wire correctly to the battery. Finally, make sure the ECU plugs are in securely.

On the PCV itself, make sure that you have the correct firmware. When I was originally shipped a new PCIII marked for the busa, it actually had firmware for a Harley. Loading the correct firmware solved the problem. Same is possible on a PCV. Once you've confirmed the proper firmware, load a zero map. Make sure the bike runs on a zero map. If it doesn't, it's possible that the PCV is defective. If it runs on the zero map, then load the appropriate map for your exhaust system.


The bike wont start with the Zero map either. Not sure why, it has been in storage for over a year. I changed the plugs when I got it out could it need something new in the fuel system?


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sounds like it could be the ECU... need one? i have a virgin ECU from an 06 that i would part with for a fair price..

I had a similar issue with my first PCV on my 06 - turns our it was bad. Does it register correctly with a laptop hooked up to it?


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So what thread should say is 2006 Busa won't start because it has nothing to do with a power commander. Have you COMPLETELY disconnected the PC from the bike? Every wire.... hooked it back up like factory then tried starting it?


I think the original maps from the pc3 are what damaged the starting process. That's why I linked the Pcv on the post as well. The ECU could likely be damaged.

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