Powder coating fork tubes? Who has done it and has tips?


I am in the process of starting my winter project and have these gold for tubes on my 04 limited and want to have them powder coated. I know the tube is easy itself but want to have the lower fork leg done too and get rid of the nasty black color thats there now. I am sure there is something in that lower that has to be removed but maybe not.

Those who have had it done do you have any tips? What about getting that coated tube back into the tree? I assume spread those open real wide or maybe even use the nickel trick, wrap a piece of paper around the tube and slip it through.

Any tips ahead of time will be appreciated :bowdown:
I would think that you could just mask off the lower tube for PC and do it that way. From what i hear, taking the lower part of the fork off the tube is almost impossible to get it to stop leaking after.
There is a rubber oring at the bottom of the tube. Your better option is to mask them off. I tried taking the bottoms off the tubes and ended up having to buy a whole new set of forks because I damaged the tube. You may be able to send them to a suspension place like race tech to have them take them off and ship back to you but I don't know that they would do that.