posting multiple pics in one thread


I see that many of you can post multiple pics in a single thread. How is this done? Do you have to separate the addresses when you upload the pics with a hyphen or somethin? Just wonderin and tryin to keep the threads smaller.

Upload your photos in the members section located at the bottom of board in the "PICS and Archives"  title.  After you upload your photos just go back to this area (member pics),open the photo you want to add.   Then right click the mouse over the photo and copy the properties completely and past it into your knew message by clicking onto the image command and paste the properties in the tool bar .  Repeat  steps above to add another photo to the same post.    Knock yourself out Playa  O'yeah if your file size is too big it will not be able to upload , that sanother story to cover if you run into this problem ;but dont worry Playa I got your back///just holla if ya get in a jamm.
You can also upload them to your and just use the <input type="button" value=" Image " class="forminput"> button when posting.. I think you can post up to 5 pics per post that way.

Everybody has their own upload center account.. defaulted to 1024k but I can up it if you need more room.  Everything you upload will be located in your own directory.  ex:
Just note that it uses the email addy you used when signing up for the board and it is cAse SEnsAtIve.
Good lQQkn out Dustman ,glad you came to the rescue and posted the shortcut links.