Post your favorite road sign .


Never Forgotten
Thought it might be fun to post your favorite road sign you have seen when out riding. Interesting to see what turns up from around the world. This is one from my area in Queensland Australia.

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Anyone see the sign on the last page(pic) of cycleworld in the last two or three months?
This thread worthless without pics! Me?, no scanning skills or computer skills in general for that matter:poke:

Anyway,we were on the last section of blue ridge parkway(ashville, heading south)on our way to the busa bash and we see said sign. I laughed out loud(literally) and acknowledged it with the wife,same reaction. Then I got a creepy feeling???,sure enough round the bend is a massive sheer drop off! Not only that but there is rock debris on the inside of my lane,you know,falling rock zone!:bowdown:.This from that big storm that preceded the bash.
It was a surreal exp.,laughter and sobering all in one.
So we get home from the trip(2500 miles:thumbsup::cheerleader:) and a week later I get the magazine,go to last page first ,and there it is!!!!....surreal deja-vu:whistle::bowdown::rofl::rofl: It was a kool kinda thing. Still, a very funny sign,probably a custom one of a kind.
Can anybody post it up. CLASSIC :beerchug:

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