Possible to get brake fluid on lower scoop when having tires changed?

Hi guys. There is something I forgot about something that happened about 6 mos ago that may or may not have involved having my tires changed. When I washed my Busa after it got new tires I noticed that the paint started coming off lower right scoop lip area, about 5" long from top to bottom. The plastic developed a rough texture to it as well and appears lighter colored than the original copper color. I'm wondering if brake fluid was leaked onto this area or the area just had some type of wax on it to hide previous superficial damage to it (however it may have happened). Does this damage sound consistent with what brake fluid would do and would the fluid come out during a simple tire change? Thanks
Brake fluid can damage the paint (ie.. fade/and or peel) but would not hurt the plastic.

And there should be no brake fluid involved in a simple tire change.
I just picked up my 08 yesterday and the paint is bubbled slightly on the top fairing :banghead: I never noticed it at first, the dealer is going to try and get it replaced under warranty. I'll go and take a pic of it, just in case it is the same problem :thumbsup:

Back soon :beerchug:

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