Possible blown turbo?


I'm looking for any insight on an issue I encountered a few weeks ago days before my current deployment. I've got a gen 2 turbo hayabusa that I purchased last year that only had 995 miles on it. I've maybe put less than 1k on it since then. Well, I took it to an appointment shortly before leaving and when I came out, I noticed a small puddle of oil just below the filter on the inlet of the turbo. I inspected what I could from the parking lot and got it home. Pulled the fairings and the filter. The filter was soaked in oil but I couldn't find where the source was from. I let it run where I could see the compressor housing and there didn't seem to be any leaks anywhere. I put the rear on a stand and put it in first and sure enough, there was oil coming out of the turbo inlet. Is this as sign of possibly a bad seal internal to the turbo or should I be looking elsewhere? Thanks ahead of time for the help.

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