Possession by Busa spirits


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Ok, recently I was surprised to discover others drive cars slower after getting a Busa as like I do. So, I thought I'd try another one:
9 out of 10 times while cruising around on the Busa, some random song from the 70's or 80's pops into my head and I end up humming it for the whole ride. I use ear plugs if that makes a difference, and, in all honesty, I don't really care much for 70's 80's tunes anymore. I keep up with the latest techno, trance, jazz fusion and whatever this months hottie pop chick is whining about musically. It's always a differnt song for every ride. In my car it's always jazz or POP radio with occasional classical. what gives?? I wonder if my Busa was a DJ in a previous life
oh... and it's almost been a FULL MONTH since I posted one of these:

After seeing that pic I have song in my head...Rock Candy! "hard, sweet, and sticky!"

Don't like 80's music in your head huh? Try having a Barry Manilow song stuck in your head for 40 miles! "At the Copa...Copa Cabana...the hottest spot...AAAAAAHHH!
hahaha good on ya with the pic. I would go for that. But the tunes can be dangerous. For example AC/DCs Thunderstruck is just a song that makes smash the throttle and feel like superman or some bulljive. Got me in a lot of trouble.
hmmmm... haven't had to suffer Barry Manilo yet, but now that you mentioned it, I'm sure it will come up! THANKS ALOT! :p
Just don't think of Disney's "It's a Small World"

Or, you will NEVER get the tune out of your head.

*turns evil eye towards you*


*curse has been set*
Ok, try having this play in your head while you're ridin' your busa. In fact, I can't get this song out of my head most of the time.

Ridin' Spinners Link

Click the play link beside Ridin Spinners. The whole spinner thing ain't quite my style on a four wheeled vehicle. I love to see them on a schweeet ride but probably wouldn't buy them for my own car/truck. They show some on a bike in this video though. I'd love to have a set of spinners on my busa. Anyone know who has 'em?
Dang! I just looked closer at the video (kinda low quality) and they ARE on a busa! Ummm, hot chick on there, too!
Here's a screen grab for those who don't want to wait to download and watch the video. I try to show mercy for the dial up users.

Sometimes I will get a song stuck in my head when riding, no particular ones though. It means that you have cleared your head and nothing to think about but old songs.
You might be right!
Jeez, this time over lunch today it was:

"Mamma loves Mambo, Pappa loves Mambo too..." ARRRGG!!!
*does a search for posts by member WWJD since the beginning of time*