Position of your brake and clutch levers?


How do you position your brake and clutch levers? From the dealer, mine are about parallel with the road. I’m thinking of pointing them down a bit for faster access. This is a common practice on mountain bikes because you’re normally standing up when braking. (Not as extreme angle will be used on the Busa). Also does anyone sometimes ride with his or her fingers resting on the clutch lever? I do this in heavy traffic, no one taught me this; I just picked it up somewhere.
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I have both my clutch lever and brake lever pointed downward. Its provides a better feel for me. As far as resting my fingers on the clutch lever -nope, but i usually rest two fingers on the brake lever for faster response. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation might not agree with it, but it works for me and makes me feel more confident in the rush hour traffic.

Roll it....like you Stole iT!!

You want to be ergonomically correct to insure that you can controll your levers efficently. You want you hands and wrist to be inline with your forearm so you get efficent movement and control of your levers. You don't want your hands and wrist to be tilted up or down they should be inline with your forearms. So adjust your levers accordingly.......Knebnr