Porky's Bike Night every Thurs and Sat


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Every Thursday and/or Saturday night from 6:30-9 [noise ordinace outlaws past 9] bikers of all types gather at Porky's to display, represent, network, hangout, drink, whatever. Beer flows, brauts sizzle, bikes howl. Last night was 90 degrees but everyone still came out. Probably 200 bikes are parked there. Many come and go. 75% cruisers 25% sport bikes. Here's a few pics
This looked like a family headin out as the sun goes down. Most head out to ride the local routes: around Sailorville lake, downtown scooping the loop, some country rodes where it's cooler, or "Daytonas" a racing oriented bar/grill that HAS NO noise ordinace nearby!!! Great wings, hot waitresses rivaling Hooters