Poor ZX 10 owners ...

According to the National Institute of Highway Safety, The ZX-10R has the highest theft and damage loss claim rate of any registered motorcycle.

Nice statistic , glad it's not us . :whistle:

It also won the 0-186 shootout one of the cycle mags put out a few months back ... :bowdown:

Very extreme , the best / worst at both ends of the spectrum ...
A friend of mine is looking at buying one , so I did a little basic research on them .
Of course I have been suggesting GSXR1000s since I am such a Suzuki guy .:laugh:

Mr Bogus

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they had to do something... they were not competitive enough at the tracks to stay involved in racing right? :rofl: a cruise missile is fast too but it does not turn very well..


The mag was the July 2008 "Cycle World" The ZX-10R has a nice motor and I like the looks but I am also a GSX-R1000 guy. My '02 thou is the best machine of any kind I have ever owned.

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