Poor little 125cc motorcycle.

Last night, I went riding with a friend who bought a 125cc bike. It was fun in the beginning, as we took it easy riding in Seoul at 2am.

Well, on the way back, I decide to lead, so I hit the throttle a little hard, not really, just spirited accelerations. Well, the guy driving the 125cc (1996 model) tried to keep up... and within 10 minutes, his bike started to pee gasoline all over the ground. It was horrifying.

The little 125cc bike was seizing up and gasoline just flowed in a huge puddle. It was dying. Upon examination, its little cracked hoses (due to age) maxed out and burst under the pressure. We spent the next two hours trying to fix it to no avail.  The sight of it was quite tragic, yet hilarious.

I sometimes forget what I'm riding until I see these things happen on other bikes.
I wanted to take photos, too. But I thought it would be too disrespectful to commemorate my riding friend's misfortune with a "Kodak Moment" while he was visibly shaken at the puddle of gasoline and spurting fuel coming from more than one place.
He went to the mechanic today.  Busted Carb. (ouch!)  Burst Hoses (ouch!).

After repairing his bike, it broke down again. Let's hope it is just an adjustment issue on his new carb.

I'm afraid it may be worse.
Chrisjp wrote: uhhh ok...

It's too funny to make up. On an old 125cc bike with old hoses and a hurting carb, I think the stress of keeping up with a  Busa basically put it into a coma.

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