Polishing your stock cans


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Here another link that I used to get that brillant shine on my stock cans .  I got mo time than money! I basically just wanted the chrome look and couldn't justify spending $500 for some pipes when I all I had to do was put alittle bit of sandpaper to the pipes.......

Enjoy .
Man I polished my stock cans, and you're right it takes a lot of elbow grease. But when i sold them I got about $100 for them, and was able to pick up a set of micron clip-ions for $250. So i count it as a good move for the budget conscious or financially challenged ...lololol
I dont see why not ;but I would chrome the rimz personally (very high maint area brake dust,road dirt,chain crap etc.)

I want to chrome them! But the $500 bucks it costs to do this will take some time to save/convince the wife. I thought that I would try polishing them myself until I get the money for chroming. Sounds like a good "rainy day(s)" project.

Thanx, J.D.
Try here for chroming I plan on using them the next time I have my rimz chromed . I recall the owner telling me $295 for a set of rimz when I last talk to him back in Jan. If you want to play it safe send something small to him for a trial and error to see what type of quality work they do. I'll be doing the same when I get another Busa. Let us know the type of quality they give if you decide to go with them.

You all get up early. I work nights so I havent gone to bed yet. I might give them a try. I'm thinking about sending just one rim to check it out. OOh, maybe i'll get the stator cover done. That should be good enough to test the quality. I'll keep you posted

         Will this method work on the stock rims also? (after you remove the paint, of course.)
i just polished the lips on my stock rims. all you need is paint remover. a medal brush to scrape the paint off. try to get as much paint off with the remover as possible. then you need 220 grit sand paper. from there go with 1000 grit to 1500 grit to 2000 grit. then wet sand the 2000 grit. then get an attachment for you air gun or drill and polish it with blue magic. then all you got to do is keep taking care of it with the blue magic, that stuff works really good, better then the mothers.