polishing aluminum...


ok so I statred on the small stuff first...

toe shifter and rear brake pedal... I just hit them with some "mothers" polish and before I knew it they were looking like chrome!

so next I started on the rear seat grab rail... ( went step by step from removing the paint to sanding to polishing....... )
but it just will not shine like the toe shifter did??

the grab bar is bright don't get me wrong, but looks like the inside of a beer can? (sorta blueish)
why can't I get it to shine like "chrome"

is it mixed with some other alloy??
Are you using a buffing wheel and polish compound? You can polish it alright, just takes a few more steps.
I would think it wouldn't look as sharp due to everything else is Aluminum and the grab bar is probably STEEL?

Might take a lot more time and work to get the same results, if you can get them.
Narcissus hit the nail on the head...... You need to hit it with some polishing rouge! Use a course, medium, and finally a fine polish. Will shine like a mirror, try and keep the rpms up with the buffing wheel so you don't clog it up. Remember a little polish goes along ways...
It's aluminum and it will polish to a high shine if you "graduate" through the sanding and polishing phases as mentioned above. Regardless of whether you are doing the pre-polish SANDING, or the actual POLISHING, it helps to bring the ENTIRE surface to the SAME degree of finish BEFORE moving on to a finer grade of work. Doing so avoids various degrees of shine on your finished work. :)