Polished tree


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My dad professionally polished my triple tree cover/bar holder for me. We have two more of these available if someone is interested. I will probably put one on eBay... let me know what ya think!


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not to sound like a jackass but, is it just me or does it look like they forgot to put the finishing touches on it? surface is a little scratchy. all in all, happy holidays and nothing but the best for the new year! (hah bumhug)
Not sure, I have not seen it in person yet. He just sent me the pics. If not, he can do get it right... he is a professional machinist.... happy holidays!
Looks good but there does appear to be scratches in the center...Otherwise I'ld bolt it on...
Not real sure. Not much more than the cost of the clamp I guess. I ended up with an extra top clamp, but it is not polished yet... I will post when I have an extra polished clamp...
Just remembered another detail, my dad said the greatest amount of time was removing the mold casting marks. Look at the edges... no "seam"... just thought I would add that in...