Polished '02 SE ....? spy photo inside :)


Its not mine, but was walking thru a shop somewhere today while picking up a bike for a friend and spied this '02 black/black SE getting some polishing done....notice the longer swing-arm...

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why would you want to polish an se i dont get it. that is why they are a special edition cuz they are different. sorry im just mad they dont sell them in cali.
damn that powder coating must be a serious b&^#@ to get off, plus any place that you dont polish is going to be black, so every weld, ever corner, every nook must be polished. Damn

I love my black frame, dont know why anyone would want to do that

That isn't the stock arm.  It has been streatched 2-5 inches and the top brace cut off.  Also the swing arm castle nut is not on. He might have bought this arm from someone else and not had it powdered yet? I hope... Also be careful doing spy work. Looks like you might have photographed yourself. Look at the mirrior in the bottom left of the pic.
Ok, upon closer observation there are about 10 extra links on the chain not yet cut off. Also the kick stand is missing (probably bring cut or replaced when those stock dog bones come off) Can't figure out why the front forks are off unless this was a wrecked bike???
Looks like only the swing arm will be polished...Along with the covers and pegs...Should look good...I've seen alot of 12's do that and leave the frame black...
That is the one thing I really love about my bike is the black frame. It doesn't appear that the person will polish the frame. Just what you can see there.