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My stock 2003 feels like a "pogo stick" when you start to press it in hard/fast corners. The chassis loads and unloads or bounces may be a better way to describe it. Where should I start adjustment wise to elminate that problem? I weight 210 and suspension setting are just as they came from the factory. I still want the bike to be compliant for normal straightline highway driving (not too stiff).

Start by lowering the rebound compression, clockwise is softer. The rebound is on top of the forks, use a flat head screwdriver. The compression may be too har as well. That is on the bottom of the forks facing the radiator. I had the same problems with mine. If you soften the front and it is still bouncy then adjust the rear compression and rebound damping. Remember to only adjust one setting at a time and then take a ride and try it out. Take a stubby flat head screwdriver and stick it in your coat pocket, that way you can pull into a parking lot and adjust the settings. You should be able to feel the clicks when you turn the adjusters. I weigh about the same and I think I have both the rebound and compression on the front set at two clicks out from the right(2 clicks counter clockwise) . I have yet to adjust the rear except for preload which I cranked up because it was way soft for. Its actually pretty fun to adjust the suspension and then try it out.
I too have a new '03 black and found the standard settings too soft for my 230 lb.
I have the fork preload maxed out (stock spring too soft for me) and the compression 3 clicks out with rebound at 3 clicks as well - this is a bit stiffer than stock for me and I can now "feel" what the bike is doing under me.
At the rear I have wound down the spring to show 1" of thread for the preload and both compression and rebound are 6 clicks out - this is a bit stiffer but at least you know what the 'ol girl is doing under you ! - unfortunately tire wear has increased dramatically to around 1500 mls per rear.

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