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I can not seem to reach the point at which this hid install 'clicks' for me. I know it is easy and I know that i am making it much harder than it should be and I know I am an idiot. Please help me out here if you can. Here are pics of my complete kit. high and low beam hid from xenonking. I put it together like the diagram. Note the wires near the highlighter. I do not know what to do with these. There is a male 2 prong and then 2 separate wires on the other. The booklet says I need to connect directly to the neg terminal on the batt, so that is where the black wire goes? and it also says I need to connect to some point on the chassis. do I use the white wire for that? I need a 'hid installation for dummies' book





in the first pic with the diagram, I do not know what that piece is in the center. i see the bulbs, ballasts, and my battery but I do not know what that is between them
Like said above. It just connects in place of your origianl lamp. The diagram is more confusing than helpful.

Break it up into smaller pieces. Take one set, like the low beam, it requires a ballast and lamp. instead of the orginal lamp, you are now going to power the Ballast with the +/-12Volts from the original connector to the ballast, that ballast in return will power the HID lamp. So all you have to do is connect the power feed to the ballast to the connect of the original lamp [black (-) and white (+)]. I don't recall the colors on the bike's wiring harness to tell you which is + or -, if you tell me the colors I will be able to figure them out. Anyway, the ballast is already pre-wired with connector for the new HID lamp, so install the HID lamp and connect it to the ballast. Now go for the High beam...

It's a lot easier than you are making it out to be. If you need more help post up and some one will know...
The black and white wires plug into your original headlight harness. I would suggest shrink tubing the exposed metal before completing the install. This thread helped answer most of my questions.

This thread might cause more confusion as well as it installs the DEI T528 time delay. Also, I didn't have to cut the plastic to get the lamp retainer clip to hold the lamp in place.
thank you all. very helpful. now here are a couple more ignorant questions.
here in this first pic are 2 individual wires from the ballast connecting to the factory high beam connection. is that correct? I read shortening the metal male ends is good

now here in the second pic those ends to not match. the left plug is from the ballast and the right plug is stock for the low beam. do I need to modify the stock plug? how to I connect the 2 or am i even in the ballpark?
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Hold on I'll check my instructions were not that difficult mine was pretty much plug and play though you look like you got it right, Mine didn't require me to run anything into teh battery though.
but yeah you run the two bare plugs into the original socket for that one my advice twist and ziptie them togethor to make sure they dont pull out just in case. Getting those instructions for you in a minute
I forgot what the HID connectors look like from that kit, but it almost looks like they might have sent the wrong ones. For some reason, I recall one having an adapter of which i had to push the wires into and that would directly connect to the factory connector and I believe I might have just pushed the other connectors into the factory connector and just taped it up really really good...
OK here they are no battery hook ups needed on my set though you may not need it either. test it first plug your ballast,lights and connectors without going through the battery and turn your lights on I'm pretty sure you don't need to run anything like a relay on these.


Make sure you have the polarity right...

You might want to just hold the front nose piece close enough to connect the wires to the bike and give it a test before putting everything back together...
Wait I see whats goin on your directions are for a relay set up ignore them you are running an H7 and H9 bulb run everything inline without any battery hook ups it's a straight plug in system try checking out the instructions I put up the install is the same even though it's a diff kit manufacturer.
Make sure you have the polarity right...

You might want to just hold the front nose piece close enough to connect the wires to the bike and give it a test before putting everything back together...

good call. i did this and the high beam works. But i still do not know how to connect those connectors for the low beam. the only thing I can think of is tearing the factory plug apart which i am hesistant to do
I know what you mean about cutting connectors, I am pretty much that way, but sometime, it really doesn't matter, you could always just splice it back in the event you want to return to stock, but what are the chances of that... not likey.
What needs to happen for the low beam is remove the spade connectors from the HID kit connector. If you look close there should be like a small kinda hook tab on the spades. Just push that down gently and the spade should slide out. Then you can slide them into the factory harness. Use some electrical tape to keep the spades covered and secure. Thats my .02
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