please tell me this isn't one of us


1 wheel up aero testing
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I think everyone has the jitters skitching the first time, he just solved the issue...


back in the high of rollerblading it was a term describing hanging on to cars or tailgates or basically anything moving. kind of like bumper skiing for rollerbladers


1 wheel up aero testing
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Have you seen the guy rollerblade behind a ZX12, hanging on to the grab bar?
Was done on a track a few years ago, went over 150mph too!
150, WoW

That's pretty um scary on rollerblades, LoL

Guess everyone's got their own kind of speed demon inside to sooth


Top Gun
I'll bite. What the hell is skitching?
Standing on the road with hands on the bars while moving, your feet don't actually have to contact the road either. Your body weight is leaned against the tank.
I've been 130mph(with a correct speedo) before you actually start to feel any turbulence.
The "stunt" is an illusion, it's one of the easiest things to do.
I used to do a "jedi", skitch on one side, then kick your feet up and momentarily handstand on and over the bars before falling down and skitchin on the other side. That one was a little harder as you had to keep your balance during the transition.
Even skitchin on one side gets some looks, so many people stare in disbelife:laugh:
I know guys that couldn't buy wheelie that could skitch and do circles all day.
Really nothing to it, honest.
You'de surprised how much the bike balances itself.
You can lay across the tank with your legs horizontal too.
I used to run down the side of tractor trailers with that one:laugh:
My feet barely touched the trailer, but didn't really matter as my speed wasn't much faster.
I could put my feet on the trailer and match the truck's speed too. I've been digging for pictures for a while on those.
Again, nothing special, but got some crazy looks:laugh:


Somebody needs to show this to harley riders, it would save their boots when they keep their feet down like outriggers, all the way across the intersection.

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