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I'm looking to buy a set of bolt-on cans for my busa soon. I was looking at the Yosh RS-3 cans but I don't like the gaudy badges that are riveted to the can body. I don't really think they're too tacky, they just don't fit the clean, polished look I want my bike to have. They draw my eye when I look at a bike wearing them.

I'd like to see a fairly close-up picture of the badges so I can see how many rivets there are and where they are located. If I can remove the badges and dress the holes to look right I might get the Yosh cans and shave the badges. Anyone have their digicam and Yosh RS-3 bolt-ons handy?

Thanks in advance...
Like dis?

Man I don't know how you guys don't like those...those are pretty as hell! Look at that nice Yoshi sign!!! Super clean!
Man I don't know how you guys don't like those...those are pretty as hell!  Look at that nice Yoshi sign!!!  Super clean!
If it was just the Yosh plate I'd be ok with it. It's the big red badge over the Yosh plaque that I don't care for. Maybe I could paint the red part black and polish the symbols?
So the red part is attached to the Yosh part? Hmmm... Are the letters/symbols raised, as in higher than the red and black areas around the lettering and symbols?

Sweet bike by the way. Like them dipped rimz...
Thanks Houston. Can you tell me if the letters and symbols are raised or not? I thought if they were raised I could get the badge chrome dipped and paint the areas around the letters/symbols. That might give me a clean enough look while retaining the badges. The badge is metal, right?
How about just polishing and modifying the stock cans? Save you a bundle same net effect. More noise and a clean look.
I went outside to make sure. I put my finger on it to make sure.
The part that is red and the symbols are flat!
The letters are raised, but just slightly. They look like some kind of sticker.
It's just raised the thickness of what a sticker would be and I'm not so sure that the plan will work.
When they are dipped in the acid, I believe that the letters would be gone and you will be left with a flat plate.
Thanks again Sleeper... Maybe Rev is onto something.

Or, maybe I should just "get over it" and learn to love the Yosh badges. I'm sure that with time I could figure out a way to mod the badges to suit my taste better anyway. I already have a few ideas that I think might work.

Thanks again to all who posted pics and info. If I go with the Yosh cans and mod the badges I'll post pics to show what I ended up with.