Please! Need help identifying fuel tank breather hose.

S 7

Hi all,

I recently took my 2005 Busa apart and made the mistake of relying solely on my memory in hopes of everything going back together again. I now find myself perplexed by the fuel tank, where I can't seem to figure out where the fuel tank breather hose should be. The manual clearly shows a diagram of the breather and fuel tank drain hoses routing downwards by the right side. My fuel tank drain hose is there, but I don't see any other hose, and I don't remember if there was even a hose on the tank to begin with. I've attached a picture, if anybody familiar with this would please chime in. Thank you.


Two hoses, go in front of swing arm and cut right at bottom of clutch cover. Looks like your missing a hose and the other is cut