please help !!

Well i got the busa apart today to put in my turn signals do the tail mod and the oil and stuff like that well i decided that since i have never taken the body off the busa i would today well the bike is still apart on one side so i can do the oil and get a new bolt that i stripped 1 st problem - but i cant find out where 2 small bolts w/washers go and i am concerned hmm can someone help?? here is a pic of the bolt there are 2 like this.i put the bolt that was stripped out(the bigger one) to give you a size comparission!

Second question my dumn ass friend closed my trunk and i hadnt hooked back up the cable yet and i need advise on opening it
Thanks alot guys!

the bolt with the washer goes in the windscreen holes and the bigger stripped bolt goes either in the center of your fairing or the very back bottom of it


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I was thinkin bout this last time I had my bike apart.
I'm with the Oracle here.
I looked at it pretty closely and couldn't find a way that you might be able to open it if you didn't hook the cable back up.
I'll double check again today for ya and post again if I can find a way.
Maybe someone else already has a good idea?
If not......looks like yer drillin.


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The easiest way to do it with no damage is to remove the rear plastics
UH Yeah, But you cannot really get the plastics off without getting under there first...some serious bolts in the trunk holding things together...

Might be able to get a few off and PRY yourself in...
Actually Mr. Busa is right. The only thing that holds the tail section together once all bolts, and underside push rivets are out is the two little black push rivets that pulls each side together. You can actually reach these by removing the front seat and the two rivets should be right there at the very rear of the front seat area. Use a little small screwdriver and pop them out. This will allow you to slightly spread the tail section to easily remove it from the subframe assembly. You can check on this, but I'm about 99% certain that this can be done without cutting anything. Let us know how it turns out.

I agree with barcharles , try the front seat route before cutting. I've had mine apart so much i think i could put it together in my sleep, kinda like a M16A1


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What about the 2 phillips head bolts and the 4 bolts that hold down the rear seat handle???
Ooops! My bad. I forgot about those 4 little Phillips head screws. That's the ones that hold the grab rail in place. Seems like that 1% won out in this one. Starting to sound like you'll be cuttin' in your future.

well i finally got it i let my temper get to me a little but i got it without breaking anything, i yanked the front part of the seat out with the rear still locked and all the fairing bolts removed so after that i removed the grab bar bolts and the 2 phillips head bolts and then pulled the fairing off around the seat and then unlocked i will explain later what ways could work and what kind couldnt i will post some pics of my finished rear also
thanks again guys!

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