Please help me! White smoke...

I'm a newbie. I have a 05 Busa. I love the bike. Never had any problems until now. The bike runs well. It started to smoke white in the exhaust. It smells like gas too. If i rev it, or when i ride, there is white smoke coming out of the two mufflers. My dealer is racking up the hours to find what could it be. They seem to think that there's something wrong with the head. TPS sensor ajusted. Throttle body ajusted. Compression test is 100% on all cylinders. They are checking the coolant!? They are talking about opening the motor to check the head. Any of you guys know what it could be. I think they need help!


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I would think if it was any of these the compression would be low.

Sounds like its running rich or weak spark.
If its blowing white smoke, it's burning antifreeze. Running rich would be dark brown or black. Omslaw's head cracked in the intake runner. Full compression, burning antifreeze.


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Would air in the system cause a problem? I did clean the overflow tank. I'm no mecanic when it comes to bikes.
Air in the system might cause it to overheat, but it won't cause smoke out the tailpipe. You might be able to tell something from pulling the spark plugs and seeing what the tips look like.


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Tell them to do a leak down test...I agree with the antifreeze when you pop the valve cover you might see a white paste everywhere.....


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Fuel will indeed burn white. If the coolant level remains full, then it's fuel. If you have a Power commander, give it a toss and your problem may be solved. I have seen that once before on a busa.

Easy way to find out if it's fuel, put it on a dino with a sniffer in the exhaust. If it's fuel, you'll know. I'd certainly do the sniffer before I went inside looking for a problem.

And yes, your dealer needs some help! Keep us posted on what you find!
The oil is normal and the sparks are a good color. My Busa is bone stock. No power commander. Where i live, no chance for a dyno. I will ask them to do a leak down test. Thanks you guys. I'm learning more reading your post then talking to my dealer...

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