Plastic Push pins


Anyone know a good place to get replacements of the little black push pins? Is this something they would have in stock at a dealership? I replaced my windscreen & one of the ones that holds the little plastic panel on the inside of the windscreen broke. Tried to look it up on on of the Suzuki online parts fiche, but no luck finding it. Any help would be appreciated.

search is back online,. and we just had a thread on this in the last week or so.  Yoy may want to look there for the thread.
I ordered 10 from my local shop. They are kind of high priced. Some people find some alternatives they say work, but I have not tried them.
This should be a pinned item if not already done so... has them as well as several other places. The dealer wants too much...

or the stock# is in the photo....

..and the part number ending in 5pk does not mean there are 5 in a pack.
Im glad to hear that im not the only that broke one of the pins,, I just today replaced my wind screen and one broke.
yeah no worries, they break all the time. I've probably replaced at least half the pins on my bike in the year ive had it.
I bought some at Auto Zone pack of 3, under two bucks. They are the same size but have larger ring around the middle. I keep them as back-ups and don't have to wait for the dealer to order them from overseas.