Plasti Dip anyone?


ok i figured i'd give this plasti dip thing a shot and spray my entire bike with it. i've messed around with the aerosol cans in the past with great success but i was curious on if any of you members have had any luck with it on your bike whether it be good or bad. also any pics of it would be awesome. thank you.
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Back up a minute. Can you clarify 'spray my entire bike with it.' ?

I've used it on everything. Works great. Never used the spray though.


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I've used the spray plasti-dip for some parts in my trailer - let me tell doesn't adhere very well...and it scratches/peels off fairly easily.


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My buddy did his whole car with it last fall and its held up pretty well even with a NY winter. The edges around the wheel wells are coming up a bit, but its to be expected with out gravel and its a daily driven car/weekend drift car.
Lay it on thick, thicker than you think you should, it self levels pretty well, but always has texture to it no matter what you do, its just the nature of it. My buddy used 6 cans to a Lincoln MKIII to give an idea of thickness that seemed to hold up well. I did a set of car wheels white last summer, they didnt stay white very long, the brake dust go into the texture and never came out, i trued multiple cleaners and brushes. So, Ive your not doing black, you might be unhappy once she gets some road grime on her.


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Do it.. Make sure there is NO wax under it (won't stick well) and it'll still peel off if you don't want it...



spray the whole bike as in just the fairings. sorry i should of been clear on that. instead of using the spray can type i purchased a sprayer and plasti dip in gallon form. the current fairings are a little rashed from the previous owner and i have a full set of replacements but i figured i'd try something new with this. if i don't like it then i'll either just peel it off or put on the other set of fairings.


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i used it on my truck parts with great results. yes, it will peel up in small spots but i just hit it again and i'm good for a while. when i did my chrome fender i used plasti dip black spray, factory spray paint, and finally a few coats of clear. the only way that stuff was coming off was with a pressure washer up close on a 20 degree spray nozzle. i grew tired of the look and reverted back to the chrome. bottom line. go for it! :thumbsup:


Lots of people using it on everything under the moon with good results from wheels,air deflectors,halo's and lot's doing whole cars.

And honestly this Z looks pretty good in the matte black, whole lot cheaper than matte paint, easy to touch up if needed, will protect paint underneath just like those clear stick on bra's do, and the best part is if you get tired of it just peel it off and your back to what you had. So if it works on a chevy then I think the Busa will fair well also. :laugh:

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did the emblems on my car and the chrome trim inside my wifes suv, I think it works well, I put 5 light coats, sprayed from 12 inches or so away, and I allowed 20-30 minutes bertween coats


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I did my drag bike with it. I just did the aerosol cans and it turned out pretty good for a $40 paint job. Ill be getting real paint later this year but this will do for now.






thanks for the input guys. i had sprayed my wheels matte black on the z06 and it held up quite well with the heat of the brakes on a few laps on the nurburgring


I've got a gallon of matte white along with the 3500 HVLP Sprayer sitting at my house now ready for the bike. Providing weather holds out Friday, I'll be Plasti-Dipping all my plastics then. I have a roll of satin black vinyl as well which I'll duplicate the stock graphics to put on top of the matte white. Last thing is I'll remove the silver pin stripe on the black wheels and replace with white one stripes.


I did the wheels on my truck a little over a year ago....they still look just as good as the day I did them. No scratches or chips. It is all about the prep work and how you spray those first couple coats. I didn't sand or scratch my wheels at all but did use some good ol dawn dish soap and scrubbed them really well. The first few coats should be very light then do several thicker coats after that. Then if you don't like it...peel it off.


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Only prep you would need is to clean well with alcohol. Other than that have at it! My trucks lower facia is holding well to car washes and New England weather. I had to touch up a pinky nail size blemish and lightly blotted paint thinner followed by a re spray coat of plasti dip.

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