planet fitness. any one a member?


I was wondering if anyone was a member of this gym. It opened up recently and today i went there and took a look around and for the money it didnt look to bad at all. I was wondering what anyone else thought. I realize the funny controversy around making noise in the gym while working out and such which i can see both sides but im not Arnold nor will I ever be so its probably not going to be an issue for me.
I have been to Planet Fitness a few times as a guest. It was pretty decent but somewhat limited on free weights. Lots of cardio equipment though. Very clean and neat.
I would say for the money you can't beat it...provided you go and it is not so busy at the time when you plan to go. Some of the machines are great and newer...when they break they repair / replace buy the machines for home use is way more than the $100 dollars or so a year. There are plenty of things you can do at home with your own body weight....I am considering getting a membership somewhere to get through next few months of winter.
My Nephew goes there. He said the keep the free weights down to discourage the gym rats, and to attract more people to cardio. For the price looks like a pretty good deal for us that don't want to lift but just want to get in better overall shape and lose some weight...
thats kinda what it seems .... at the one closest to me it has some smith equipment and some machines. more than enough for me. i have cardio and weights at home so the stuff here is just fine. I kinda get the theme of what i think they are getting at i guess but i didnt know that it was really that big of a deal. i have not been to a gym in many years so im kinda out of the loop
i am a member as well. They keep the free weights down for 2 was to discourage the "body builders" they want people to feel comfortable. next is it is way cheaper on insurance without the free weights. Less chance for someone to get hurt. Forgot to ask are there any near houston? i will be there for a week in july need my gym!
I've been a few time, would never join. I'm not a fan. yes its cheep but i can get a better workout at home with body weight exercises. removing squat racks in all there gyms because watching people work hard mad all the lazy people uncomfortable just seem stupid to me.