Placed 2nd at the last race of the year...


red lit in the finals....... :withstupid:

oh well. best finish for the year at the last race of the year. yay.

she will be lookin different, and runnin faster next year.

who woulda thought this would be my hobby.

btw, my wife and daughter took these pics..... they enjoy being there for me. :thumbsup:

best et so far... 9.68
best today, 9.77. was cold, low clouds, felt like it coulda rained.. bad air.
Schweet, but you don't ride it on the street anymore, right? Don't it suck to know you won't ride again 'til next year? :super:

What kind of times are you running and what mods?

I need a little help on the 1320 and it seems you race quite a bit.  Email or PM me if that would be better for you.

Help me get in the 9's....Please!:sad:

Yer doin great Cache.
THe wife and daughter support oughtta help things alot!

Keep up the good work.

Too bad you aren't here. That 1 mile race should be fun!