Pitbull "NEW" front stand


Today I got my pitbull "New" front stand along with a rear stand. I gotta say, the front stand is cool. It really isn't as hard to use as everyone had said. Just a little practice and shazzaam the fronts in the air! WOW does this ever make cleaning easy!! I would have bought a stand before I brought home my busa if I knew what a help they were. I always wondered why everyone had one, and now I know. :super:
Yeah I have found the rear Pitbull to be indespensable...Didn't know how bad I was needing one until I got one. Now She lives on the rear stand while in the Garage. Much more stable...
I'll try to get some pics for everyone. As far as getting the front up, it's not hard at all. I think that the front goes up easier than the rear. You don't have to worry about tipping it over since it's already suspended by the rear stand. I'll try to get ya pics
Ok besides pics, whats so great about PIT BULL STANDS??? Tell me something to justify the cost of that stand as compared to somebody else's... I aint hating I'm just trying to grasp the difference before I purchase stands
Affirmative :) I want to know what's the advantage too.
I'm thinkin' bout buying a stand too. photo's would be nice along with advantage description.
Well, What really sold me on the PitBull rear stand was the quality and strength of the thing. When you are hoisting a big bike into the air you want something stable and reliable. This thing is super stable, no wiggle, no flexing, and the notches for the spools are deep and shaped well. I don't have any experiance with other stands but from the looks of them they do not look nearly as strong. The biggest thing I guess is the stability, you can really push and shove your Busa while it's on the PitBull stands and there is no response, no wiggle no flex... It really seems as though the pitbulls will last forever.

Other than what I just mentioned Dez, I really do not know if it is better than all the others out there. Though it is better than any of the stands I have seen in person, from a strength, rigidity perspective.
My Suzuki stands work great and they only cost me $180. Never used any other stands but these are easy to use and have held up fine...what else could you ask for! I know the Pitbull stands are heavy duty, but the bike is only 450lbs.

I got an Italian stand free with my Ducati. The tubes are half the diameter of my Pitbull. Even though the Ducati is only 390 pounds, it flexes the hell out of the little stand. It is not stable until the handles are on the ground once the bike is all the way up on the stand. Before that is wiggles and flexes and torques. Not very confidence inspiring. Your Suzuki stand has similar tubes but more bracing and is probably a little better than the Italian one. the Pitbull on the ther hand is rock solid. As soon as you put a little wieght on the spools the Busa gets stable. From that point on the Busa can't tip over. No flex at all. They are worth the extra pennies not to worry about dropping your bike accidentially and having to buy replacment parts - IMHO.
Oh, one other point to consider is the wheels are about 4 times bigger and don't get hung up on debris or cracks in the pavement. They roll under the bike nice and smooth.
Hey and the PitBulls aren't yellow!!! There conclusive proof of superiority!

Really just like most things out there, Use what you like fellas. There may be some advantages here or there but I think most will do the same job. :D
I'm going to need at least a rear stand now that I've learned how to adjust and oil the chain...how easy are they to hoist, for those that aren't over 6' tall and 200 lbs? Is it easy to get the bike in the air by yourself?
Ummm VA, Your a Mom (Mom Strength), and your not a little 5' stick figure so you might be OK. But the rear is a decent grunt worth of effort for me so I dunno...Try it with some Hubby help once and find out....
The advantage of the Pit Bull is its strength. Normal stands do tend to flex and get bent out of shape with only minor or no abuse. The Pit Bull takes tons of abuse and acts like it has had none. Truely the best on the market. I paid about 135 for my rear stand (which changes from spools to non-spooled in a minute). It is versatile enough to use on multiple bikes. The suzuki stand had to be bent to work with other bikes and did not accept spools (I had an old Suzi stand). It also works far better on rough pavement or gravel/grass found in some pits. Big wheels are good.
I did some research and everyone I asked said pitbull. As you can see in the thread almost everyone agrees. I can put my busa on the stand and practicaly slide the bike sideways skidding the stand wheels and theres NO flex at all! They are wicked strong, that's about all i can positivley say!
I looked at several different stands in dealerships when I was busa shoppin'. Couldn't find any Pit Bull stands in stock at dealers. I saw some Handy, Hindle, Suzuki and one other brand that I can't remember. They were all kinda similar. The Hindle looked like the best out of all of 'em to me. Saw a Handy stand "on sale" at one dealership because the piece that mates to the spools on the swingarm was BENT!!!

I read everywhere about the Pit Bulls and saw the pics online. I decided to buy them and see what they were all about. Well, they make every other stand I've looked at look like cheap toys except for the Hindle. As good as the Hindle looked, it still didn't look anywhere near as bullet proof (no pun intended :tounge: ) as the Put Bulls.

Maybe other stands are fine. Maybe I could have trusted them if I hadn't seen the bent one on sale. After seeing that one I just couldn't see hoistin' my girl up on anything less than the Pit Bulls. It's simply a matter of spending my money on something I trust. Maybe I could have saved some money on stands by going a cheaper route. The thing is, the price difference bought me *PIECE OF MIND* that the other stands just couldn't give me after seein' the bent one.

May not make sense, just my $.02... :cool: