pingle shifter came back 2 life


I played around little with shift rod and plunger looked like mabe moved a little.Then I started taking button apart but just loosened it moved it around and tightend back up.Now its working again but i will test be4 I let it eat @ dragraces saturday.I hope it keeps working because I know my dialin with it.6.32 I have been 6.29 but dont dial my fastest.I been in $$ all 5 races and want stay there.Clinging 2 points lead but not by much.I think its in button cause didnt do much with shift rod just tightend or increased stroke slightly.New button cost $130 :sulk: Im unemployed currently+need order a new slick soon so cant afford.Hope it dont act up on me this saturday.its the button with 2 on it.


Don't be shy about shotting a little WD-40 on the top of each button, help to keep things workin' smooth and helps with moisture if you go to the car wash. Good Luck @ track:thumbsup::thumbsup: