Ping - Rubbersidedown


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Ollie, ollie, oxen......... Where is the Rubberman?
KS he's probably still honeymooning...heck i remember when i got married took me a couple of months to find time to get back on the net and play
He was only married on the he's probably not back yet.....I think he was taking a while off.
Sorry to rob the thread, but Monster, did u got my PM's?
I'm sure Rub won't mind he's a good shi!.
No I got box shows empty......I'll go into it and check..........Nope notn at all I wonder if it's not workin.
I'll ask the Cap.
You can always email me at:
Was just at MonsterSpeedFreaks place for a quick visit. Heard you were possibly gonna be out that way, Rubberside! Sorry I missed ya this round... Next time...