*** Ping! Nor Cal people


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Any of youz goin to Sonomafest next week ? ( May2-4 ) weather is suppose to improve. So far its Me, Faski, & Big E PM or e-mail me if anyone wants my cel #

- Kent
All three days for me.

Kent, you have mail.
Hey Hawaii!!!
Sorry I won't be able to make it. I am going to Fresno that weekend for the motorcycle roundup... there's about 20 of us riding down on saturday, then sunday we are heading up north to Sears Raceway for the motorcycle races..... WEATHER PERMITTING!!!

Hopefully you and I will be able to ride together before Laguna. Maybe I can talk Big E into a ride up your way one weekend. We can find a halfway point and hang out!!!

Have fun!!!!

Lo, Searspoint is what I am talkin about, its now called infineon. Sooooooo see ya sunday!
I will also be there this Sat 4/26/03 weather is suppose to clear up and the Vintage races are on. Also will be having free test rides on Aprilia & Buell. Yippeeee!
I plan to be there Sat May 3rd at about 9 or 10 am.
( also will be there tomorrow 4/26/03 just for the day )
Well weather is a little sketchy for sat but sunday should be good. When does the great Cali weather kick in? ? ?
Lookin better for Sat now too. HEY anyone need a ticket? I actually have a extra ticket for all 3 days as one of our group cant go now. $45 let me know if anyone wants it.
- Kent