*PING* Got Busa?


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I got my replacement camera yesterday evening so I put the busa on the stands to get the pics you asked for in my "Get thee some Pit Bulls" thread. I'll attach them in the following posts. Hope this was what you wanted to see. If not, let me know and I'll try to snap the pics you want. ;)

Here's a profile of 'er on the stands. Very stable and just the right height for maintainance and/or detailing.

Again, I hope this answers your question about the spools on the rear. If you need any more pics or have any questions just let me know. :beerchug:
...me thinks Chris likes his new camera!


Great pics...and damn, that bike looks just like mine! (been waiting to say that for a while now!)

I'm going to need some of those stands...how much were they Chris?
Enjoying the heck out of it. I was going into withdrawals bein' without a digital camera for the first time in YEARS.

The stands were around $280 for both including shipping and spools for the rear. Go to www.pit-bull.com for ordering info. They're worth every single penny they cost and as essential as a helmet in my opinion. :super:
Also, did ya notice the lack of reflectors? See what I was talkin' about when I said it cleans up the body lines and makes it smoother flowing?  :super:  :D
Thanks for the pics BulletTrain!

Do they make another type of stand for the front that hooks through the lower trip tree?

Thanks again, I'll be picking up one for the back next week.


Thanks for the info!

I think others members were looking for the same thing.