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Hey guys Doc emailed me that he was coming to town. Thought we could all get together and have some beers. Owen I know this is a long haul for you. Busas are optional since we may be downing spirits. Not sure if Doc will have his anyway. Let me know what you all think. Still need Doc to give me the dates.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
i'll be in san fran this weekend thru tuesday.

i think doc is in your neck of the woods around march 11th or so
Cool! Let me know the date(s) and I'll see if I can get down there.
Sounds fun, technically, I am only to be there one night, that being March 3rd. However, I am talking to a buddy about trailering the bikes on Saturday and staying the weekend before. Not sure if that will pan out or not, but I will absolutely be there March 3rd (but that is a Monday).

Let me know and THANKS!
I could manage to get one of those days off. If you bring the bike then I can at least show you Palomar Mountain, maybe Ortega Hwy as well.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
let me know, I shouldn't have a problem taking off on Monday, and I'm always willing to drink a few, it's just the Sailor in me
Hey I arrive March 2 in Oakland but thats quite a haul north ... maybe I'll jus wait and see you guys at Laguna.
I'm in guys. I justed registered the scooter 2 day. $50 is all it cost.........I love military exemptions. Fill me in, I'm game, lets go.........haahhahahaa.

I like Hooters(the resturant) ha

Ok, let me know when and I'll bring the bike. I want to ride with you guys. And I've never been to Palomar or Ortega Hwy.
Well If you want to set a date I will for sure be riding on Sunday the 9th. Although Saturday the 8th may be better as I won't have to work at all that day. Let me know what your schedule is like.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
This is starting to sound reeeeal tempting. Let me work on it some more. I need to convince my friend with a truck, or just ride it out... hmmmm, sounds like FUN. No guarentees yet though...