Pin it?


Have to admit I'm a little scared chitless to pin it, especially in first...the wheel always goes up and that can be fun but a challenge too. Usually I'm rolling on gradually so I'm redlining before I get to WOT. Guess I just have to work on it until my round ones get a little bigger. Any advice? Thanks.
What he said above! However, when going to WOT in first, I find it easiest to do it from a stand still. Launch her hard and get the suspension set while keeping your upper body over the gas tank. Pin it early and prey like hell! :laugh:
I kept working on it today and sure enough she came up clean as a whistle and no out of whack out of control stuff. Much to my surprise she did it again in second gear... not from shifting hard but a power wheelie again. Didn't realize she had that kind of power although it shouldn't really have surprised me. Real nice and as always, as these things do for me, it came from determined, persistent and most important controlled effort. I enjoyed it plenty. It didn't hurt that my friend noticed; Quite to the contrary it made it all the better. In the past I've had her come up pretty high and chopped the throttle with a very unpleasant thud and rap on the helmet resulting. It took me a while to get over that. I think I'm getting the hang of it and won't have to suffer the indignity of poorly executed power wheelies anymore. Now its just a matter of consistency. As much as this comes natural to some I'm embarrassed to have needed coaching or at least to put it out there that I'm working on it but so be it. It worked. I don't mind humbling myself in that case. Thanks.
Nothing brings a smile like a take off and a nice landing, and sets the mood for the rest of the day. Good for you, Nic! I haven't done wheelies in a while, but still remember the feeling of getting her up 1'-2' for a moment, and gently settling her done. I would do it at the beginning of every ride. There was a cop once, good I noticed, otherwise you know...
Thanks for the vote of confidence Igor. It takes me a while to get this stuff but I always get it eventually.
Yes, kromdom, I was shaking a bit until I just decided to slow down get myself in that good relaxed space and work my way back up. Thanks for the helps.
There was wicked sand in many of the corners yesterday since we had hard rains here on LI recently. We took it real slow especially since I had one of my closest friends son riding behind me on his GSXR 600 (by the way a gorgeous little bike in red with the GP slip on...sounds great too) and I always make sure I'm especially cautious with a great kid like him behind me. That's not to mention I have to save my own tail. We had a great time. Thanks