Pilots out of stock.....


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Just got this wonderful news when I went to pick mine up the other day...... So, if your looking to upgrade before any of the upncoming events better get on it now. Post up if you know who's got em. Charles, Josh, or Dan you hear anything?
Did I get fed a line or what?
I wonder if this has anything to do with the re-shuffle at Michelin? They are pulling out of F1 at the end of this season and supposedly re-tasking a lot of resources and facilities in the process. Try the M3's or the Q's!
Went ahead and bought a pair of Dunlops.... Can't wait to test them out in Arkansas
Yeah but...I just got a set of powers and should my rear go out by then, don't want to mix n match (that's why I bought a set and prematurely wrote off the stocker on the front).

Oh well, my rear should last that long, I been riding a lot though...
Just got mine mounted a couple of days ago. I have an email to the seller to see if they have anymore.
just bought a set of metzler m3 off ebay for 255 shipped cant wait to try them out still have the stocker on the front