PII Map Yosh RS-3 K&N

Hello all, this is my first post and I would like to say hello to everyone and I have learned a lot this last week reading everyone's posts. I have checking new posts daily...

I just bought a 2001 busa with a K&N filter, TRE, and a Yoshimura RS-3 exhaust. My Power commander PII just came in today and I went ahead and used the map on the CD titled "stock or after market filter" and yoshimura exhaust."

My question is, is this the best map for my configuration or does someone else know of a better map for my config. This map seemed pretty generic and I was concerned that it wasn't quite the right configuration for me.

Dunno an answer for you, but I wanted to welcome you and congratulate ya on your purchase!!!

BTW - that is some screen name, gonna be tough to pick on that one.

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Thanks for the warm welcome.... Look forward to chatting with y'all...

.... maybe I'll change the screen name

Welcome to the board Maurice......if you'd like to change yer name just e-mail Cache and ask him to change it for ya so you don't have to re-register.
You probaby picked the best map for yer bike.
Might wanna spend some time on the dyno if yer really concerned about optimum power.
The only map I will recommend for a PC2 is a custom map from your local Dyno tuner. Every bike is diffrent, even with the same name. My opinion is to get it mapped by an experienced dyno tuner