Pictures of UK & Ireland #2 by Alwaysright


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More pictures of Ireland. Edinburgh Scotland first 3 pics., Us in Dublin Ireland, Ring of Kerry in County Kerry Ireland, last picture is of the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland.

Ireland #2 202.jpg

Ireland #2 203.jpg

Ireland #2 193.jpg

Ireland #2 586.jpg

Ireland #2 641.jpg

Ireland #2 934.jpg

Ireland #2 941.jpg

Ireland #2 960.jpg

Ireland #2 1003.jpg

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I LOVE the Cliffs of Moher...

in 1996 I had the honor of playing in St. Patrick's Cathedral with my college orchestra. We also marched in the St. Patricks day parade in Dublin ... Where it rained, sleeted, snowed, and then got up to 85 degrees all within a 4 hour time period.

I'd love to go back.


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We've been talking about a trip across the pond to your neck of the woods. Might have to look you up for the cheap tour :thumbsup:

Great pix :bowdown:

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