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Dis in my way!
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Hey guys I was playin around with the gallery and I added a bunch of pics tonight. I took all of the pics that you all have attached and copied them over to the gallery, you might see a few duplicates but it should not be too bad. Just a little FYI..

Cool gallery, but you should either remove the frog and the cartoon or post a warning.
it was very difficult to explain the frog to my 11 year old daughter who was sitting here as I was trying to show her our busa in the gallery ( which was not there of course... hehe classic.. ).

Bad form old man..
just my .o2

I thought I could safely browse with my family.
I'm lucky my 11 year old step daughter is from Russia and has already seen things before she got here to the USA that most kids do not. That frog thingy could really F up a youngsters thinking on birds and bees stuff.
Lo just don't look at page 6.
Captain the frog is on page 12.  I think Kerberos might be right.  Did I just say that?
Other than that it looks great. Nice work Captain
Great job!!! I like it all maybe a warning or a seperate R and PG page. It Don't bother me at all but the bun isn't out of the oven yet. (Not due til June)
OK guys I did not go through each pic when I made the gallery, I did it a batch process. I went back through this morning in a rush and removed the obvious ones I thought were offensive. I am sure that there are a few that I missed, just let me know what page the picture is on and I will remove them. I was going under the assumption that since these pics came directly from the board that they had already been reviewed by everyone in a sense. Keep patrolling the board guys, Kerbie I hope we didnt traumatise your daughter !!!

 I think Kerberos might be right.  Did I just say that?

Didn't think you did it on purpose capt.. I knew there was a logical explaination. heheh no, didn't traumatize, but I couldn't get her to eat dinner. hmmmm wonder why she lost her appetite?

Very cool...

How are you liking the new place anyway Cap? Hadn't heard anything about it. How is.. everything else going around there?
I still think we are mostly adults here so why not a page that is separate for us as photo's go?? I would not show anthing to my own kid without looking at all of it first??? Come on we cant police every thing for you!!!!
Just viewed ALL of them...whew! Thanks for putting them on.
Also found quite a few of me and my wife and just the bike..
good job capt. sounds like your getting settled in to the new place and roaring to amp this site to the top.

I'm cool with that.

what do you think STUNNAH ?
I love pictures. Hope that a lot of you are getting digitals for Christmas...more pics of bikes, people and bikes, and interesting riding places.