Pics of us at work


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I have a really unusual job which is mostly on phone all day, selling motorcycle parts & accessories plus shipping a ton of stuff every day all over the globe.

But I also spend a month on the bike each year showing people around as I own a motorcycle touring company. :thumbsup:



When I had a real job in a real office, the view looked something like this. :laugh:




Very cool! Hats off to all musicians! I am a big rockabilly fan. It that your style? Setzer is a friend of mine. Love my Gretsch. Rock on buddy.
Yeah, Rockabilly or Psychobilly... played some cowpunk, and some old Honky Tonk( a la hank williams sr) before too...

But yeah, love me some billy music!

Absolutly love Brian Setzer.... any guy who takes after Eddie Cochran is gotta be alright !

I've been wanting to pick up either a nice gretsch, or maybe a dobro and learn to play something different... but my hands tend to be a little clumsy...

four strings i can handle.. six just gets to be a few to many for me..

either way, nice to know someone on the board listens :):thumbsup:


Lav's towin service.
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I get arrested if I take camera to work with me so you get a pic of the last time I was in the desert at work.
Well at least im not the only one who cant bring a camera in work. At least I don't have to worry about being arrested just immediate termination.



Call me Liberace!
lol, i don't think i'll be able to take i pic in basic, but i think i'll be able to post a few snaps at graduation.
Mind telling who that rocket is for?
That rocket is the Russian NK-33. The Russians put 30 of its sister engine, the NK-15 which is the same pump with a smaller nozzle, onto the first stage of their N-1 Moon Rocket.

An american company is modifing them and selling them to us to use on our new launch vehicle. We will have 2 of them on the first stage of our Taurus II launch vehicle.

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