pics of the new model


here ya go guys, as promised pics of the new GSXR1300RZ,
pic mine up jan-feb during the blizzard and ice season. main diff are, Ti Nitrided forks, black disc inners, better header/cat, faster ecu with new maps re-valved rear shock minor instrument binnacle changes, gel seat, cant wait.
on another note here in the UK its very tuff/spendy to get the full Ti yoshi or Akro system can you tell me how much in USA and who stocks, i will be in NH next month and will probably pick one up while there and hand carry it back again.
happy new year to you all and stay the right way up at all times.

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Where's the bike......................Ok just kidding. Nice piece of hardware!

hey.. look at the chic on the left.. .. is it just me or does she look "flat".. like.. a cardboard cutout or something?? I realize she's not.. it's just a weird mind thing or something..

cleans glasses nope.. she still looks funny.. is it just me?
She's definitely NOT flat,
but she's sucking in that tummy!

Very nice look for the bike!!
I think clear signal lenses would improve this bike's appearance 100%. The amber is distracting. I love those forks and the larger kanji.
Ditto Cache.

I picked up my 02' SE yesterday. I paid $893 for the Akro S/S header and Carbon can. The full Ti system is $1116 plus shipping. That is dealer cost. I can ask a friend what he can get them for.
How many blonds does it take to push a Busa "down hill?" Looks like two to me!
3 I think there is another Blonde kneeling down holding the other leg on the bike.
I just want the gold forks, thats all, just the forks....what has a boy got to do to get a set of gold forks around hear?